About this blog


This blog puts the economy of Palestine into focus. Company portraits offer a deep insight into the private sector. The private sector is considered the main support of this country.

What drives male and female entrepreneurs in this area of conflict? What kind of services/business models do they offer, and to what point does the state limit them? How do they perceive their market, and how does the national and international market perceive them?

This involves small and medium-sized companies, self-employed people, and start-ups. This is about people who initiate economic development, people who don´t want to wait for help from the outside. It´s all about showing that, away from the conflict zone, the economy is making innovative progress.

In addition, it´s about showing what male and female entrepreneurs think about the countless aid organisations that are located in Palestine: to which sectors do these organisations offer advantages, and what damage do they cause to whom?

I´m a freelance editor and author. Masar-Agency is a private and independent publication.

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